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Hello, my name is Nick Katradis.  My website consists of my private collection of Original Comic Art, now totalling over 4,000 pages, ranging from the 1940s to the Present!;

You will also find various Oil Paintings and Mixed Media paintings by KEN KELLY & JOE JUSKO in my collection,  as well as over 80,000 Rare Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and Modern comics.

I also have posted over 3,000 CGC or certified comics, which are listed under their own CGC gallery!

If you are interested in purchasing any comics and/or comic art, you can add your list to the "basket" and email it to me and I will give you a fair price; even then we can still discuss the final price.

If you have original comic art, specifically from the Bronze Age, please email me if you would like to sell it or trade for comics and/or art!

Please note that I am a proud OVERSTREET ADVISOR; I am also a CGC Authorized Representative.  And I am a collector of comics for over 46 years, since 1972.

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My cel is 917-815-0777. Please email me or call me anytime to discuss comics and/or comic art!

In 2006, I undertook a mission, with the help of the Grand Comic-Book Database, of  documenting the first comic books I ever read off the newsstand from each DC & Marvel comic title! 

I started reading comics in the summer of 1972 as an 11 year old! I now have confirmed that the first DC comic books that I have read were dated "July, 1972" and the first Marvel comics that I have read were dated "August, 1972".   Actually, one Marvel 1st read comic was dated "July, 1972"; it was Amazing Adventures #13

Please note that the actual date each comic hit the newsstand may have been earlier than these dates.  Also, I did not start reading all titles on the newsstand all at once - I started to purchase some titles a few months later from these respective dates; and I documented them.

As a result of these incredibly important findings (to me), I have listed a detailed compillation of the first comic book I ever read from each DC & Marvel title I have ever purchased off the newstand, and they are as follows:

My 1st Marvel Titles:

  • Amazing Adventures #13, July 1972, "Evil Is All In Your Mind!", John Romita pencils/inks
  • Amazing Spider-Man #116, January 1973, 'Suddenly...The Smasher", John Romita pencils/inks
  • Astonishing Tales #14, October 1972, "The Night of the Looter!", Gil Kane pencils/ inks
  • Avengers #103, September, 1972, "The Sentinels Strike Back", Rich Buckler pencils/Joe Sinnott inks
  • Captain America #153, September, 1972, "Captain America - Hero or Hoax?", Sal Buscema pencils/Jim Mooney inks
  • Captain Marvel #23, November 1972, "Death at the End of the World", Gil Kane pencils/Joe Sinnott inks
  • Conan The Barbarian #17, August 1972, "The Gods of Bal-Sagoth", Gil Kane pencils/Frank Brunner inks
  • Daredevil #93, November, 1972, "The Indestructible Man", Gil Kane pencils/Tom Palmer inks
  • Defenders #2, October 1972, "The Secret of the Silver Surfer", Sal Buscema pencils/John Verpoorten inks
  • Fantastic Four #125, August 1972, "The Monster's Secret", John Buscema pencils/Joe Sinnott inks
  • Incredible Hulk #155, September, 1972, "Britzkrieg 1972", Herb Trimpe pencils/John Severin inks
  • Iron Man #53, December 1972, "Fate is the Black Lama", Gil Kane pencils/Frank Giacoia inks
  • Jungle Action #6, September 1973, "The Man Called Kill-Monger!", Rich Buckler pencils/Frank Giacoia inks
  • Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #3, October 1972, "Mark of the Mace", Billy Graham pencils/inks
  • Marvel Feature #5, September 1972, "Fear's The Way He Dies", Herb Trimpe pencils/inks
  • Marvel's Greatest Comics #38, October 1972, Death In Another World!, Sal Buscema pencils/inks
  • Marvel Premiere #5, November 1972, "The Lurker In The Labyrnth!", Michael Ploog pencils/inks
  • Marvel Super-Heroes #33, November 1972, Jim Starlin pencils/Joe Sinnott inks, "The Hulk Must Die"
  • Marvel Team-Up #5, November 1972, "A Passion of the Mind", Gil Kane pencils/Frank Giacoia inks
  • Marvel Triple Action #6, October 1972, "This Hostage Earth!", Sal Buscema pencils/Frank Giacoia inks
  • Sub-Mariner #53, September, 1972, "The Day of the Dragon-Lord", Sal Buscema pencils/Frank Giacoia inks
  • Thor #204, October, 1972, "The Demon from the Depths", John Romita/Joe Sinnott pencils/John Romita inks
  • Warlock #2, October 1972, "Count-Down For Counter-Earth", John Buscema layouts/Tom Sutton/Gil Kane finished art/Tom Sutton inks
  • Werewolf by Night #2, November 1972, Mike Ploog pencils/inks, "The Hunter.. and The Hunted"
  • X-Men #79, December, 1972, "The Cobalt Man", Gil Kane pencils/Frank Giacoia inks

 My 1st DC Titles:

  • Action Comics #414, July 1972, "Superman vs: Superstar", Nick Cardy art/inks
  • Adventure Comics #421, July 1972, "Demon Spawn", Bob Oksner pencils/inks
  • Brave & Bold #105, January/February 1973, "Play Now...Die Later", a: Wonder Woman, Jim Aparo art/inks/letters
  • Batman #247, February 1973, "Merry Christmas", Dick Giordano pencils/inks 
  • Detective Comics #427, September 1972, "A Small Case of Murder", Mike Kaluta pencils/inks
  • Doom Patrol #123, March/April 1973, "Menace of the Turnabout Heroes", Bob Brown/Bruno Premiani pencils/inks
  • Flash #218, October/November 1972, "The Flash of 1000 Faces!", Nick Cardy art/inks
  • Justice League of America #101, September 1972, "The Hand That Shook The World", Nick Cardy pencils/inks
  • Legion of Super Heroes #1, February 1973, "The Lad Who Wrecked the Legion!", Nick Cardy pencils/inks
  • Metal Men #42, February/March 1973, "The Deathless Doom", Ross Andru pencils/Mike Esposito inks
  • Mr Miracle #11, December 1972, "The Greatest Show Off Earth", Jack Kirby pencils/Mike Royer inks
  • New Gods #10, August/September 1972, "Earth -- The Doomed Dominion", Jack Kirby pencils/Mike Royer inks
  • Superboy #190, Sept 1972, "The Mad Piper of Camp Bravo", Nick Cardy pencils/inks
  • Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #151, July 1972, "Attack of the Locust Creatures", Bob Oksner art/inks
  • Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane #126, September 1972, "The Brain Busters", Bob Oksner art/inks
  • Superman #254, July 1972, "The Kid Who Stole Superman's Powers", Nick Cardy art/inks
  • Tarzan #211, August 1972, "Land of The Giants!", Joe Kubert pencils/inks
  • Teen Titans #42, November/December 1972, "Slaves of the Emperor Bug", Nick Cardy art/inks
  •  Wonder Woman #205, March/April 1973, "Target - Wonder Woman", Nick Cardy pencils/inks
  •  World's Finest Comics #213, October/November 1972, "Peril In A Very Small Place!", Dick Dillin pencils/Joe Giella inks

My 1st Archie Titles:

  • Archie #222, November 1972, Dan DeCarlo pencils/inks
  • Archie's Joke Book #177, October 1972, Dan DeCarlo pencils/inks
  • Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica #204, December 1972, Dan DeCarlo penicls/inks
  • Archie's T.V. Laugh-Out #14, Sept 1972, Stan Goldberg pencils/Henry Scarpelli inks
  • Laugh #259, October 1972, Dan DeCarlo pencils/inks
  • Pep #271, November 1972, Dan DeCarlo pencil/Rudy Lapick inks


  • Action Comics #421 Cover, February 1973, Nick Cardy pencils/inks
  • Adventure Comics #432 Cover, March/April 1974, "The Anguish of ... the Spectre", Jim Aparo pencils/inks
  • Amazing Spider-Man #123 Cover, August 1973, ".. Just A Man Called Cage!", John Romita Sr pencils/inks
  • Astonishing Tales #09 Cover, Gil Kane pencils/Frank Giacoia inks
  • Astonishing Tales #25 Cover, Rich Buckler pencils/Klaus Janson inks, "A Cold Night's Frenzy"
  • Avengers #103 Cover, Rich Buckler pencils/Joe Sinnot inks
  • Avengers #117 Cover, John Romita pencils/Mike Esposito inks, "Avengers/Defenders War"
  • Captain America #153 Cover, September 1972, "Hero or Hoax!", Sal Buscema pencils/John Verpoorten inks
  • Captain America #156, Pages #15,16,18,19, Dec 1972, "Two Into One Won't Go", Sal Buscema pencils/Frank McLaughlin inks
  • Captain America #158, Pages #1,2,3,4, February 1973, "The Crime Wave Breaks", Sal Buscema pencils/John Verpoorten inks
  • Captain America #164 Cover, August 1973,  John Romita Sr pencils/inks, "Queen of the Werewolves!" (Found)
  • Captain America #175, Page #18, End Page, Sal Buscema pencils/Vince Colletta inks
  • Conan #17 Cover, Aug 1972, Gile Kane pencils/Frank Brunner inks, "The Gods of Bal-Sagoth"
  • Defenders #01 Cover, August 1972, Sal Buscema pencils/Jim Mooney inks, "Slay by the Stars"
  • Defenders #02 Cover, Sept 1972, Sal Buscema pencils/Frank Giacoia inks, "The Secret of the Silver Surfer"
  • Defenders #02, Pages #1,2,3,4,5,6, Sept 1972, Sal Buscema pencils/Frank Giacoia inks, "The Secret of the Silver Surfer"
  • Defenders #09 Cover, October 1973, Sal Buscema pencils/inks
  • Fantastic Four #125 Cover, Aug 1972, John Buscema pencils/Joe Sinnott inks, "The Monster's Secret"
  • Fantastic Four #129 Cover, Dec 1972, John Buscema pencils/Frank Giacoia/John Verpoorten inks
  • Fantastic Four #147 Cover, June 1974, Rich Buckler pencils/Joe Sinnott inks, "The Sub-Mariner Strikes"
  • Fantastic Four #159 Cover, June 1975, Rich Buckler pencils/Joe Sinnott inks, "Havoc in the Hidden Land"
  • Frankenstein Monster #08 Cover, January 1974, John Buscema pencils/inks, "Frankenstein Meets Dracula"
  • Incredible Hulk #155 Cover, Sept 1972, "Blitzkrieg 1972", Hulk vs: Captain Axis, Herb Trimpe pencils/John Severin inks
  • Incredible Hulk #168 Cover, Oct 1973, "The Hate of the Harpy", Herb Trimpe pencils/inks
  • Iron Man #54 Cover, January 1973, "Sub-Mariner: Target For Death!", Gil Kane pencils/inks
  • Iron Man #98 Cover, May 1977, "Sunfire Strikes Again", Gil Kane pencils/Dave Cockrum inks
  • Justice League of America #101 Cover, Sept 1972, "The Hand that Shook the World!", Nick Cardy pencils/inks (Found)
  • Ka-zar #1 Cover, April 1974, John Buscema pencils/inks, "Return to the Savage Land"
  • Legion of Super-Heroes #1 Cover, Feb 1973, "The Lad who Wrecked the Legion", Nick Cardy pencils/inks (Found)
  • Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #09 Cover, May 1973, "Where Angels Fear To Tread!", Billy Graham pencils/inks
  • Luke Cage, Power Man #21 Cover, Oct 1974, Ron Wilson pencils/Frank Giacoia inks, "The Killer With My Name"
  • Marvel Premiere #01 Cover, April 1972, Gil Kane pencils/Dan Adkins inks, "And Men Shall Call Him.. Warlock"
  • Marvel Team-Up #15 Cover, Nov 1973, Gil Kane pencils/Frank Giacoia inks, "If An Eye Offend Thee"
  • Marvel Two-In-One #01 Cover, January 1974, Gil Kane pencils/John Romita inks, "Monster vs: Monster"
  • Marvel Two-In-One #05 Cover, John Buscema pencils/Mike Esposito inks, "Seven Against The Empire"
  • Sub-Mariner #05 Cover, September 1968, "Watch Out for.. Tiger Shark!", John Buscema pencils/Frank Giacoia inks
  • Sub-Mariner #53 Cover,Sept 1972, And The Rising Sun Shall Fall,Sal Buscema pencils/Frank Giacoia inks(Found)
  • Sub-Mariner #59 Cover, March 1973, Jim Starlin pencils/Bill Everett inks, "Thunder Over the Seas"
  • Superboy #178 Cover, October 1971, "Pawn of the Monster-Maker!, Neal Adams pencils/Dick Giordano inks
  • Superman #258 Cover, November 1972, "Fury of the Energy-Eater!", Nick Cardy pencils/inks (Found)
  • Superman #276 Cover, July 1974, "Make Way for Captain Thunder!!", Nick Cardy pencils/inks (Found)
  • Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #129 Cover, Feb 1973, "Serpent in Paradise!", Bob Oksner pencils/inks (Found)
  • The Mighty Thor #193 Cover, Nov 1971, "What Power Unleashed", John Buscema pencils/John Romita inks,
  • The Mighty Thor #206 Cover, December 1972, "Rebirth", John Buscema pencils/inks (Found)
  • The Mighty Thor #221, Page #26 Splash, March 1974, John Buscema pencils/Mike Esposito inks, "Hercules Enraged" (Found)
  • World's Finest #201 Cover, March 1971, Neal Adams pencils/Dick Giordano inks, "A Prize of Peril"