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Personal Collection // Sal  Buscema // Captain America #153 (Buscema/Mooney) (1972)

Title: Captain America #153 (Buscema/Mooney) (1972)
Artists: Sal  Buscema penciller
Jim Mooney inker
Issue: 153
Page: 22
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 2512

September 1972, Captain America #153, Page #22, Sal Buscema pencils/Jim Mooney inks , “Captain America--Hero Or Hoax?”, After Cap and Sharon get on the plane for some time alone, Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon, sits at the local greasy spoon to have lunch at "Fred's Food"; The roast beef sandwich cost $1.60 in 1972; After Sam leaves the restaurant, he sees his girl Leila in the street, who is upset with him and says, "I don't care about your heart, baby! Not while your mind's with the Honkeys--"; ouch!

Personal Collection

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