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Personal Collection // Brian Pelletier // Avengers #365, Pages #24/25, DPS (Pelletier/Fredericks) (1993)

Title: Avengers #365, Pages #24/25, DPS (Pelletier/Fredericks) (1993)
Artists: Brian Pelletier penciller
Fred Fredricks inker
Issue: 365
Page: 24/25
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Double Page Spread
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 312

Aug 1993, Avengers #365, Pages #24 & #25 Double Page Splash, Brian Pelletier pencils/fred Fredericks inks, The Gatherers: Proctor, Sloth, Vision II, Magdalene, Mother Cassandra, Tabula. The Gatherers are a team of former Avengers of various alternate realities who survived their world's destruction. Their 1st Appearance was Avengers #355. Tricked into believing that their world's Sersi was to blame, Proctor united them in their common hatred, giving them a foe, the "prime" Sersi of Earth-616. But for them to carry out their vengeance, each member had to kill their Earth-616 counterpart within a certain amount of time or face a cellular breakdown that would cause their deaths. Unknown to the members of the Gatherers, their leader Proctor was responsible for each world's destruction as he drove that world's Sersi into madness, causing her to lash out and destroy everything around her.

Personal Collection

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