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Personal Collection // Mike Esposito // Marvel Two-In-One #07 Page #01 Splash (Buscema/Giacoia) (1975)

Title: Marvel Two-In-One #07 Page #01 Splash (Buscema/Giacoia) (1975)
Artists: Mike Esposito 
Sal  Buscema penciller
Frank Giacoia inker
Issue: 07
Page: 01
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Splash Page
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 790

January 1975, Marvel Two-in-One #7, Page #1 Splash, Sal Buscema pencils/Frank Giacoia inks, "Name that Doom", A classic Bronze Age splash featuring Valkyrie (Barbara Norris) with her winged horse, Aragon! Although Mike Esposito is credited with the inks, this magnificent splash was inked by my favorite inker, Frank Giacoia. Espo may have done the backgrounds. I can spot Frank's inks a mile away. But I asked comic historian Nick Caputo and he agreed with me that Giacoia inked this title page. Nick's words "Nick, It looks like Giacoia inked the majority of this page. Often he and Esposito worked on pages together and Esposito may have done background inks here" Regardless, Mike Esposito did incredible work in the early to mid-70s, especially over John and Sal Buscema pencils. The Thing teams up with Valkyrie in this issue to fight The Executioner. I am extremely happy to be able to own this page. The story was written by the immortal Steve Gerber, who is one of my favorite writers in the 70s. (Englehart and McGregor being the others).

Personal Collection

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