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Personal Collection // Sal  Buscema // Defenders #4 (Buscema/McLaughlin) (1973)

Title: Defenders #4 (Buscema/McLaughlin) (1973)
Artists: Sal  Buscema penciller
Frank McLaughlin inker
Issue: 04
Page: 01
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Splash Page
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 1221

February 1973, Defenders #4, Page #1 Splash, Sal Buscema pencils/Frank McLaughlin inks, “The New Defender!” A historic storyline, written by Steve Englehart, which re-introduced Valkyrie to the Marvel Universe!; The Hulk holds the lifeless body of Barbara Norris (who becomes Valkyrie) and threatens Dr. Strange and the Sub-Mariner to stay away, believing that Dr Strange is responsible for harming Barbara. This splash to Defenders #4 continues the aftermath of a vicious battle, between the Defenders and The Nameless One, culminating in Dr Strange and the Silver Surfer trapping the three-headed Nameless One in his own snare. Dr Strange uses his magic to release Barbara Norris from the monster, only to discover that she has gone insane. I started reading Defenders with issue #2, and it was one of my favorite comics written by Steve Englehart; This classic splash exemplifies to me why the Bronze Age was the greatest period in Marvel's history, and comics in general!; Later in this issue, The Enchantress transforms Barbara Norris into the Valkyrie and turns the Black Knight to stone; The Valkyrie takes Aragorn as her horse, and she joins the Defenders, taking the place of the Silver Surfer!

Personal Collection

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