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Personal Collection // Billy Graham // Jungle Action #11 Story (Graham/Janson) (1974)

Title: Jungle Action #11 Story (Graham/Janson) (1974)
Artists: Billy Graham penciller
Klaus  Janson inker
Issue: 11
Page: 04
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 1249

September 1974, Jungle Action #11, Page #4, Billy Graham pencils/Klaus Janson inks, “Once You Slay the Dragon!”, the complete 15 page Black Panther story of the historic 12 Chapter “Panther’s Rage” storyline, written by the legendary Don McGregor; I am very proud to have become the custodian of a complete story from the Black Panther mythos! I read this incredible series back in 1974 and it still resonates with me today, almost 41 years later. Don McGregor was part of a wave of young writers set on evolving the medium they loved as kids. Don’s heyday with Marvel in the 1970s produced two bona fide comic classics with the Black Panther and Killraven. The Black Panther was one of the first regular comic series starring a black character. Don McGregor defined the land, legend and people of Wakanda, and his 18 issue run in JA still carries great weight today as a groundbreaking series of action, intense drama and social relevance. Billy Graham was one of the comic industry’s brightest young talents in the 1970s. His style was born out of his love of fantasy artists such as Al Williamson and Frank Frazetta, and Jack Kirby. His first title at Marvel was Hero for Hire, and he penciled, co-plotted, and/or inked the first 16 issues of LuKe Cage’s title, which was Marvel’s 1st ongoing series featuring a black character. On his next assignment, he joined Don McGregor on the Black Panther in Jungle Action. His rendition of the Wakandan warrior king would define the character for a generation of readers. Billy begin a close friendship with Don McGregor which continued till his death in 1999 at the age of 64. He had a respected legacy at Marvel as an artist and inker which helped define the African American experience and super heroes in comics.

Personal Collection

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