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Personal Collection // Dan DeCarlo // Archie #223 Cover (DeCarlo/Lapick) (1972)

Title: Archie #223 Cover (DeCarlo/Lapick) (1972)
Artists: Dan DeCarlo penciller
Rudy Lapick inker
Issue: 01
Page: Cover
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Cover
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 2232

December 1972, Archie #223 Cover, Dan DeCarlo pencils/Rudy Lapick inks, This cover was also published as the cover to "The Best of Dan DeCarlo" hardcover edition, Volume 1! A classic, twice-up, Archie cover featuring the whole cast! “Oh, Archie! You Shouldn’t Have!” This is the cover to the 2nd Archie comic I ever read off the newsstand!; I am very happy to be the proud custodian of this great Dan DeCarlo cover; It features all the main characters: Archie (Andrews), Betty (Cooper), Veronica (Lodge), Jughead (Jones), Reggie (Mantle), Moose (Mason), and Dilton (Doily); The whole gang is wishing Betty a Happy Birthday!

Personal Collection

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