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Personal Collection // Dan DeCarlo // Josie #12 Story (DeCarlo/Lapick) (1965)

Title: Josie #12 Story (DeCarlo/Lapick) (1965)
Artists: Dan DeCarlo penciller
Rudy Lapick inker
Issue: 12
Page: 11
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 880

April 1965, She’s Josie #12, Page #11, Dan DeCarlo pencils/Rudy Lapick inks, twice-up, “Music Hath Charm!"; another great find – the complete 14 page story from Josie #12 from 1965 by the great Dan DeCarlo; The top, large panel of this splash was also used for the cover to this issue! Seeing how Albert's guitar playing drives Josie wild, Sock tries to attract Pepper by playing a variety of different musical instruments. When that doesn't work, Albert tries to arrange for Sock to impress Pepper by being a hero.

Personal Collection

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