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Personal Collection // Jim  Aparo // Adventure Comics #435 (Jim Aparo) (1974) (complete 13 pg story)

Title: Adventure Comics #435 (Jim Aparo) (1974) (complete 13 pg story)
Artists: Jim  Aparo all
Issue: 435
Page: 08
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 1128

September/October 1974, Adventure Comics #435, Page #8, Jim Aparo pencils/inks/letters, "The Man Who Stalked the Spectre", complete 13 pg story,

This incredible series written by Michael Fleisher and drawn by Jim Aparo, which ran from Adventure Comics #431 to #440, was notorious for its gruesome depictions of the Spectre's poetic retributions against criminals; In this issue, Fleisher introduces a reporter named Earl Crawford who interacts with Jim Corrigan aka the Spectre; Jim Corrigan refers to Crawford as "Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter", owing to Crawford's vaguely similar appearance (tall, dark hair and spectacles); In fact, in this story, a uniformed officer asks Crawford "Gee, are you really Superman?";

All thirteen pages are signed by Jim Aparo on the lower margins outside the art area; I'm very excited to be able to obtain this historic and classic Bronze Age story drawn by the incomparable Jim Aparo;

Personal Collection

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