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Personal Collection // Nick Cardy // Action Comics #413 Cover (Nick Cardy) (1972)

Title: Action Comics #413 Cover (Nick Cardy) (1972)
Artists: Nick Cardy all
Issue: 413
Page: Cover
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Cover
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 1744

June 1972, Action Comics #413 Cover, Nick Cardy pencils/inks, A 52 cent masterpiece from the Bronze Age - the classic story is called "The Voodoo Doom of Superman!", The cover shows Dr Mystir (Brainiac in disguise) who uses a voodoo doll made with souvenirs of Superman, which he uses to eliminate Superman's powers, one-by-one!; Luthor also appears in this issue and teams up with Brainiac to defeat Superman!; ps: this issue of Action Comics was also a very memorable one because it began a new Metamorpho series as a back-up in Action Comics;

Personal Collection

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