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Personal Collection // Irv  Novick // Batman #221, Page #3 Splash (Novick/Giordano) (1970)

Title: Batman #221, Page #3 Splash (Novick/Giordano) (1970)
Artists: Irv  Novick penciller
Dick  Giordano inker
Issue: 221
Page: 03
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Splash Page
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 442

May 1970, Batman #221, Page #3 Splash, Irv Novick pencils/Dick Giordano inks, “Hot Time in Gotham Town Tonight”, Batman saves a young black boy from a burning building. What can I say, I have been looking for this splash since I started collecting Irv Novick Batman art. In fact, the color version has been my wallpaper on my iphone for the past two years. A few weeks ago, it shows up on a weekly Heritage auction – go figure. To me, Irv Novick inked by Dick Giordano on Batman is an art collaboration that is astounding. I have been saying that the sweet spot of comic art collecting is…. Right about now. Most of the art hidden in private collections for decades is finally starting to show up in auctions. If you are looking for art you want and have not seen, save your bullets boys, because all of it is slowly coming to market.

Personal Collection

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