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Sal Buscema Cap Splashes
Original Comic Art


Avengers #109
Issue: 109
Price: Please Inquire

Avengers #124
Issue: 124
Price: Please Inquire

Avengers #120
Issue: 120
Price: Please Inquire

Avengers #115
Issue: 115
Price: Please Inquire

Avengers #119
Issue: 119
Price: Please Inquire

Cosmo The Merry Martian #06
Issue: 06
Price: Please Inquire

Batman #244
Issue: 244
Price: Please Inquire

CGC Comics

Two-Gun Kid #77
Issue: 77
Price: Please Inquire

All Top Comics #09
Issue: 09

Jo-Jo Comics #08
Issue: 08

Flash Gordon #03
Issue: 03
Price: Please Inquire

Jo-Jo Comics #11
Issue: 11

Jo-Jo Comics #07
Issue: 07

All Top Comics #14
Issue: 14

Hello, my name is Nick Katradis.  My website consists of my private collection of Original Comic Art, now totalling over 4,900 pages, ranging from the 1940s to the Present!;

You will also find various Oil Paintings and Mixed Media paintings by KEN KELLY & JOE JUSKO in my collection,  as well as over 85,000 Rare Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and Modern comics.

I also have posted over 3,200 CGC or certified comics, which are listed under their own CGC gallery!

If you are interested in purchasing any comics and/or comic art, you can add your list to the "basket" and email it to me and I will give you a fair price; even then we can still discuss the final price.

If you have original comic art, specifically from the Bronze Age, please email me if you would like to sell it or trade for comics and/or art!

Please note that I am a proud OVERSTREET ADVISOR.  I am also a CGC Authorized Representative.  And I am a collector of comics for over 45 years, since 1972.