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Personal Collection // Tom Sutton // Amazing Adventures #15 (Sutton/Giacoia) (1972)

Title: Amazing Adventures #15 (Sutton/Giacoia) (1972)
Artists: Tom Sutton penciller
Frank Giacoia inker
Issue: 15
Page: 01
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Splash Page
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 318

November 1972, Amazing Adventures #15, Page #1 Splash, Tom Sutton pencils/frank Giacoia inks, "Murder in Mid-Air!", "The Coming of ... The Griffin!", A great story written by the incomparable Steve Englehart in his 1st credited writing role for a comic. He took over the writing chores with issue #12. This series was his first credited writing assignments for Marvel. He wrote two stories prior for Warren's black & white horror magazines; He then wrote two romance stories, a Sgt Fury story(97), Iron Man story (45), and a Hulk story (152) for Marvel, but all under pseudonyms. Steve Englehart left the series with issue #17 and moved on to Captain America, with issue #153, which started his historic run on that title and made Cap, which was a comic about to be cancelled, into Marvel's #1 selling title. This issue is the 1st Appearance of blue-fur Beast!; also, the 1st appearance of the Griffin; This Bronze Age splash shows the Beast bleeding and injured showing up at the house of Patsy Walker, who becomes Hellcat in Avengers #141 three years later, and falls into her arms. The Beast solo run which began in issue #11 was one of the first comic book series I ever read. Nostalgia rules here.

Personal Collection

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