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Personal Collection // Mike Sekowsky // Showcase #90 (Sekowsky/Giacoia) (1970)

Title: Showcase #90 (Sekowsky/Giacoia) (1970)
Artists: Mike Sekowsky penciller
Frank Giacoia inker
Issue: 90
Page: 09
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 157

May 1970, Showcase #90, Page #9, Mike Sekowsky pencils/Frank Giacoia inks, "The Circle of Death"; A great all-motorcycle panel page from the 3rd and final issue of Jason's Quest!; Jason found his sister and is trying to escape Tuborg's goons, who are chasing them throughout London! This three part series in SHOWCASE features Jason Grant, a young street-smart kid who was raised by his father's friend; his real father was killed by the ruthless Tuborg. Jason learns that he has a twin sister separated from him and he sets out to find her. His foster father was also killed by Tuborg, who is now tracking down Jason too. Jason travels to London, buys a motorcycle and begins his search for his sister, Geradine. He is unaware that Tuborg is hot on both his and his sister's trails. But Jason soon realizes that he has to save his sister and himself from certain death.

Personal Collection

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