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Personal Collection // George  Tuska // Power Man #29 (Tuska/Colletta) (1976)

Title: Power Man #29 (Tuska/Colletta) (1976)
Artists: George  Tuska  penciller
Vince  Colletta  inker
Issue: 29
Page: 30
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Views: 186

February 1976, Power Man #29, Page #30, George Tuska pencils/Vince Colletta inks, "No One Laughs at Mr, Fish", Power Man is hired by a bunch of local truckers who have been terrorized by Mr Fish. When Luke Cage goes looking for Fish he hinds him attempting to sabotage a truck. When Luke confronts him he is shocked to find that Mr Fish has a literal appearance to match his name. After a brief fight, Luke is knocked out by a ray gun and Fish and his minions take him to the top of a partially contructed building.


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