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Personal Collection // Sal  Buscema // Captain America #174 (Buscema/Colletta) (1974)

Title: Captain America #174 (Buscema/Colletta) (1974)
Artists: Sal  Buscema penciller
Vince  Colletta  inker
Issue: 174
Page: 04
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 441

June 1974, Captain America #174, Pages #3 & #4, Sal Buscema pencils/Vince Colletta inks, "It's Always Darkest...!"


This is the 2nd panel appearance of Number One, (or President Nixon according to the writer, Steve Englehart), in the Captain America title. Number One was the leader of the Secret Empire.


Members of the Secret Empire were given a numerical codename that designated their rank within the organization. The Secret Empire was headed by a nine person council made up of the highest ranking members called the Council of Nine with "Number One"serving as the supreme leader.

The Secret Empire was defeated by Captain America, Cyclops, the Falcon, and Marvel Girl.

Captain America then pursued Number One through the White House before finally cornering him in the Oval Office (in issue #175). Number One unmasked himself, revealing himself to be a very high ranking U.S. government official (implied to be Richard Nixon). Rather than face capture he then committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. This led to Steve Rogers giving up his role as Captain America for a while and taking on the mantle of Nomad.

Personal Collection

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