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Personal Collection // Gene  Colan // Marvel Comics Presents #31 (Colan/Palmer) (1989)

Title: Marvel Comics Presents #31 (Colan/Palmer) (1989)
Artists: Gene  Colan penciller
Tom Palmer inker
Issue: 31
Page: 11
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 790

Nov 1989, Marvel Comics Presents #31, Page #11, Gene Colan pencils/Tom Palmer inks, "Panther's Quest Part XIX: Chances"

Minister Doeke Riebeeck and Sgt. van der Merwe catch up with T'Challa at Patrick Slade's store. Gore and his men escape without being seen leaving T'Challa suspected of killing Slade. T'Challa and Zanti Chikane escape. Later, T'Challa returns to Sarah Slade who gives him an envelope she received from one of Gore's men. The letter is from Ramonda who writes telling T'Challa to stop causing trouble and just go away.

Personal Collection

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