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Personal Collection // Jack  Kirby // Mister Miracle #13 Splash (Kirby/Royer) (1973)

Title: Mister Miracle #13 Splash (Kirby/Royer) (1973)
Artists: Jack  Kirby penciller
Mike Royer inker
Issue: 13
Page: 01
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Splash Page
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 820

Mister Miracle #13, Page #1 Splash, Jack Kirby pencils/Mike Royer inks, “The Dictator’s Dungeon!”,

I’m very happy to be able to buy a great Bronze Age Mister Miracle splash by Jack Kirby. Mister Miracle was my favorite Kirby Fourth Worth title.  The image on the splash is also the cover image sans Big Barda and Oberon. 

Mister MIracle #13 came out a few months after the other Jack Kirby's companion Fourth World tiles were cancelled by DC Comics. Mister Miracle was the longest running Kirby Fourth World title (18 issues). Sadly, they all ended too quickly. 

I was introduced to Jack Kirby’s DC Fourth World titles with Mister Miracle #11, which I bought off the newsstand back in 1972. I also bought New Gods #10, which I loved, but the title was cancelled with issue #11. I never picked up Forever Men or The Demon. I never saw those titles on the stand unfortunately.

The comic begins with a freight train hurtling down the track, barreling towards the chained and bound Mister Miracle.  As Oberon, Big Barda, and Ted Brown look on, the train draws ever nearer, until it's mass obscures the prone figure of Mister Miracle.  Once the train passes, Mister Miracle is revealed, free of his bonds, standing on the other side of the tracks. Pure Kirby magic!



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