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Personal Collection // Curt Swan // Action Comics #401 (Swan/Anderson) (1971)

Title: Action Comics #401 (Swan/Anderson) (1971)
Artists: Curt Swan penciller
Murphy Anderson inker
Issue: 401
Page: 02 & 03
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Double Page Spread
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 442

June 1971, Action Comics #401, Pages #2 & #3, DPS, Curt Swan pencils/Murphy Anderson inks, "Invaders Go Home", 
A great Swanderson Double Page Spread from a two-part story that began with this issue and ended in Action Comics #402! 
The story goes something like this: While Clark is covering the 100th anniversary of an area in the U.S. southwest becoming American territory, a band of Navarro Indians attack the festival train with arrows. 
Switching to Superman, he discovers that the train wasn't in real danger, but the stunt was pulled by the Navarros to draw attention to their impoverished way of life, and their claim to the surrounding land. 
In particular, one area of sacred land is being used to build a rocket-testing site. Superman talks to the construction company's boss, Frank Haldane, offering to build the site somewhere else if Haldane will return the land to the Navarros, but Haldane refuses, claiming the weather conditions are right only at the current location. 
The Navarros' shaman tries to scare Haldane away by casting spells to bring disasters down on the site. The disasters mysteriously appear, but of course they are caused by Superman. 
However, just as success is in their grasp, the shaman has a heart-attack and dies, so Haldane thinks the magic dies with him. The Navarros' chief, Red Hawk, casts a new spell using Superman's symbol and a red jewel which removes Superman's powers so the Navarros can take him hostage. Their plan is to trade him for their sacred land.

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