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Personal Collection // Gene  Colan // Captain America #118 (Colan/Sinnott) (1969)

Title: Captain America #118 (Colan/Sinnott) (1969)
Artists: Gene  Colan penciller
Joe Sinnott inker
Issue: 118
Page: 15
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Splash Page
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 528

October 1969, Captain America #118, Page #15 Splash, Gene Colan pencils/Joe Sinnott inks, “The Falcon Fights On!”, This glorious splash is from the 2nd appearance of the Falcon comic where Cap and the Falcon fight together against the Exiles, who are Red Skull’s minions. This issue of Captain America is the second part of the classic storyline where the Red Skull uses the cosmic cube to switch bodies with his hated foe Captain America and he tries to discredit him among his fans and tries to destroy his reputation!; Captain America trains the Falcon how to fight and he actually provides him with the identity of The Falcon! Together they fight the Exiles and ultimately defeat the Red Skull!

Personal Collection

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