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Personal Collection // Rich  Buckler // Demon Hunter #1 Story (Rick Buckler) (1975)

Title: Demon Hunter #1 Story (Rick Buckler) (1975)
Artists: Rich  Buckler all
Issue: 01
Page: 14
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 299

September 1975, Demon Hunter #1, Page #14, Rick Buckler pencils/inks, “The Harvester of Eyes”, The complete 19 page story to the one-shot comic published by Atlas/Seaboard back in 1975. Demon-Hunter was one of the high points of the Atlas/Seaboard line of comics; he was created and plotted by Rich Buckler, who was given a shot at Atlas/Seaboard to develop his own character. With the writing help of David Anthony Kraft, he created Gideon Cross, a man who hunts demons. Demon Hunter was the most original character of all the titles published by Atlas-Seaboard; so much, that he would later resurface as in two different incarnations. Empowered by a cult seeking to bring about Xenogenesis, Gideon Cross was empowered with a shadow cloak and new abilities to serve their bidding. But he soon turned against them and became a one-man force against them. He fought to prevent Xenogenesis, which was the rebirth of a demon race here on Earth! Demon-Hunter was resurrected over at Marvel Comics as Devil-Slayer in Marvel Spotlight #33, where he fought Rich Buckler’s other creation, Deathlok. That comic was also drawn by Rich Buckler. As Devil Slayer he was called Eric Simon Payne and he renounced the demon cult that granted him incredible powers and now stood against them. Devil Slayer later joined the Defenders, where the Xenogenesis storyline, which began in the Atlas/Seaboard comic, was finally resolved. In 1980, the one-shot magazine, Galaxia #1, published by Rich Buckler, featured the character Bloodwing. Again, this character is nearly identical to Demon-Hunter. In fact, Bloodwing was also known as Gideon Cross. He was written and drawn by Rich Buckler.

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