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Personal Collection // Steve  Epting // Captain America #008 (Steve Epting) (2005)

Title: Captain America #008 (Steve Epting) (2005)
Artists: Steve  Epting penciller
Mike Perkins inker
Issue: 08
Page: 15 & 16
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Double Page Spread
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 431

September 2005, Captain America #8, Pages #15 & #16, Steve Epting pencils/Mike Perkins inks, "The Winter Soldier, Part 1 of 6", The storyline which re-introduces "Bucky" to the Marvel Universe begins here; Cap is fighting HYDRA agends and is quickly disposing most of them; In the right panel page, a HYDRA agent snuck up on Captain America and is about to shoot him; Out of the shadows, the Winter Soldier appears, who apparently must somehow remember Cap, shoots the agent and saves Cap's life! (I wish this was a scene in the Captain America: Winter Soldier movie; it just does not get much better than this)

Personal Collection

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