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Art For Sale // Syd Shores // Daredevil #102 (Shores/Giacoia) (1973)

Title: Daredevil #102 (Shores/Giacoia) (1973)
Artists: Syd Shores penciller
Frank Giacoia inker
Issue: 102
Page: 10
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Views: 498

August 1973, Daredevil #102, Page #10, Syd Shores pencils/Frank Giacoia inks, "Stilt-Man Stalks the City!", Drawn by the great Syd Shores and inked by one of top 5 greatest inkers ever, Frank Giacoia! A great page from my 1st year of reading Daredevil off the newstand! I always loved the character Wilbur Day, aka Stilt-Man! In this great panel page from 1973, Stilt-Man returns to his hideout where he and his thug Endros have William Klaxton, the man who created the Stilt-Man technology, and his daughter Barbara as his prisoner. He has been blackmailing Klaxton to work for him to create a molecular condenser in order to insure the safety of his daughter. Day is plotting to threaten to use the condenser to extort the city of San Francisco out of a billion dollars, but intends to destroy the city anyway after he has dealt final revenge against Daredevil.


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