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Comic Strip Art // Dik Browne // Hagar The Horrible

Title: Hagar The Horrible
Artists: Dik Browne all
Issue: 1973
Page: 05/06
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Strip Art
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 3545

May 6th, 1973, Hagar the Horrible Sunday Comic Strip, “Book”, Dik Browne pencils/inks, 
this strip is from the first 3 months of the strip’s debut. The earliest Hagar Sunday strips like this one are extremely large, measuring 16” by 22 1/2”; 

Dik Browne's Hagar the Horrible is a family series, about a man who has amusingly imperfect success in … dealing with both his job and his home life. But in this case, the man is a Viking rather than a suburbanite, and his "job" is looting and pillaging.
Hagar the Horrible debuted from King Features Syndicate on Feb. 4, 1973, in an impressive 136 newspapers, and within two years was in over 600. It now appears in almost 2,000 papers throughout the world.
If there's one thing Hagar the Horrible shows, it's that the humor of human situations is universal. Hagar is a family man who argues with his wife Helga, has a hard time at work, enjoys a night out with the guys, never has enough money, and sometimes finds his children incomprehensible. 

Personal Collection

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