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Personal Collection // Mike Sekowsky // Young Love #105 Story (2nd story) (Sekowsky/Esposito) (1973)

Title: Young Love #105 Story (2nd story) (Sekowsky/Esposito) (1973)
Artists: Mike Sekowsky penciller
Mike Esposito inker
Issue: 105
Page: 01
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Splash Page
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 960

August/September 1973, Young Love #105, Page #1 Splash, Mike Sekowsky pencils/Mike Esposito inks, "Time for Renewal", 2nd story, Terry grieves for Charlie, her boyfriend who was killed in the Vietnam War, until one of his Army buddies, Matt Grayson, comes to tell her that Charlie wanted her to move on and find love again. This story is a bit weird by today’s standards; in today’s society, Matt would have been arrested for stalking or even worse. In page #3, when he says “you’re my girl too, Terry!”, it seems like he is preventing her from leaving the car. In fact, she says, “you’re crazy, let me out!”. A bit chilling, indeed!

Personal Collection

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