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Personal Collection // Arturo Cazeneuve // All-New Comics #4 Story (Arturo Cazeneuve) (1943)

Title: All-New Comics #4 Story (Arturo Cazeneuve) (1943)
Artists: Arturo Cazeneuve all
Issue: 04
Page: 03
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Status: Personal Collection
Views: 599

August 1943, All-New Comics #4, Page #3, Arturo Cazeneuve pencils/inks, twice-up, (complete 6 pg story), "The Young Avenger Strikes", (wow, I'm so excited I found this gem of a story); this is a rare, complete G.A. World War II "Pro-Russia" story; In this historically significant story, a young Russian girl becomes an orphan when NAZIS brutally murdered her whole family in cold blood in front of her as she begged them for mercy! This brave, young lady swore revenge on the blasted Nazis - she got it when she wiped out a whole Nazi regiment in a clever way on the frozen ice of the Russian wilderness.

Personal Collection

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