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Pep // Pep #400

Title: Pep #400
Issue: 400
Views: 323

May 1985, Pep #400, CGC, 9.6, White Pages, Dan DeCarlo cover & art! HIGHEST CERTIFIED, and Only one Graded!

Historic 400th issue of Pep Comics (series ended with issue #411) where Archie and the gang go to the Archie Comics offices in Mamaroneck to discuss possible ideas for the 400th issue of Pep Comics.
The cover shows Dan DeCarlo, the artist, Barry Grossman, the colorist, Jim DeCarlo, the inker, Rod Ollerenshaw, and Richard Goldwater holding the original comic art page to Pep #400!
The interior story includes caricatures of nearly all the staffers and freelancers that worked at Archie at the time. If you never read this comic, you should. It’s pretty rare to find.
Here are all the characters that were presented in this comic: Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones, Reggie Mantle, Dilton Doily, Ms. Beazly, Fred Andrews, Mary Andrews, Moose Mason, Dan DeCarlo
And: Jim DeCarlo, Dan DeCarlo Jr., Frank Doyle, Samm Schwartz, Bob Bolling, Al Hartley, Barry Grossman, Rod Ollerenshaw, Lori Walls, Richard Goldwater, Michael Silberkleit, John Goldwater, Louis Silberkleit, Lisa Goldwater, David Silberkleit, George Gladir, Stan Goldberg, Dick Malmgren, Rudy Lapick, Rich Margopoulos, Bill Yoshida, Lisa Sears, Larry Teich, and other un-named Archie Comics staffers.


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